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Video: The Calorie Deficit and Why Low Carb Dieting is Unnecessary


People have told me they've enjoyed this video, and I'm a fan of this site, so here we go. If you're experienced in the nutrition game, this video is not for you.


so with a low carb approach I cant eat anything that I really shouldnt be eating anyways??.....says the non-lean guy......


I don't think I'd say 'non-lean guy' when you see me covered in a T-shirt. Really, why do you feel the need to take a shot at me?

Why do you have foods that 'you shouldn't be eating'?

With a low carb approach, you are eating unecessarily high amounts of fat and/or protein. If you aren't, you're under eating. My question to you is, why would you rather consume unneeded fat and/or protein in the place of carbs?




I'm never happy without carbs.


sorry about that man, I have seen an influx of people not just on this site and other sites shelling out tons of nutrition and calorie advice who really arent living what they preach. Your vid seemed off and didnt know you were self promoting. I thought this video was found and then posted here. shirt /no shirt should be able to see some leanness. You got a real good amount of size but not the cuts to back up telling people low carb diets dont work, cal in - cal out = pure success. Not taking a shot just stating my opinion.

You commented that low carb diets restrict eating foods like breads, pasta, cereals you know all the good stuff. Really?? Im not on a low carb diet usually but restrict those things for overall health. If someone is over weight or just looking to get lean and doesnt know cereal should not be in the house that is a serious issue. I think it was Dan John who said if youre still eating cereal over the age of 16 you need to grow the fuck up. (i agree to disagree with that though concerning cheat meals.) But also low carb diets limit fruit and veggies? Specifics.

I dont think there is really an amount of "unneeded" protein. I dropped $20 at a BBQ place the other day for 4lbs of meat - totally needed IMO (still debating on worth it though.) Sitting down and putting away a 1/2 can of chocolate PB isnt unneeded. with carbs its a little dab will do ya. Protein and fat almost zero counting needed or involved + I can reach good amounts of leaness while just eating. Carbs I have to pick and choose my battles, justify, count, use self control, not fair.

I agree with fackto no carbs make hips a dull boy. Thats why I eat them too