Video Tape of Orlando Seminar

I had an idea this weekend and am curious if there is enough people interested to ask T-mag about doing it. How many of you who want to go to the Orlando Seminar (but can’t make it) would be willing to purchase a video series shot at the seminar? I would love it! There is no way I can make it to Florida, but owning the videos would rock. I know there would be no hands-on help from the experts but I am sure there is tons of info to absorb just from the speakers! All of you interested in a video let your voice be heard - maybe with enough people thay will do it for us. Heck - I would even settle for audio tapes if that is the only way to get the info!

Count me in, actually I brought this up yesterday on another post as did my boy Timbo.

I’m on board, fellas. I mentioned something earlier in a post to Johnny B. I know there’s going to be a bunch of awesome info flying around and I want a piece–college has it’s downfalls!

That would be perfect for those of us that can’t make it down there.

i am most definitely in

Count me in too.


If nothing else, audio tapes of the Roberts and Bierdi talks would be great. Ian’s demonstrations would probably have to be video to translate, but I will take what I can get.

would depend on the cost, but i would definitely want a video or audio of the seminar.

I would definitely buy it. It’s killing me that I can’t be there this weekend.

That would be great. As a full time student and holding a full-time job there’s no way that I could make it to Orlando, but the tapes would be a valuable tool

Name your price…

Being another college student there is no way I could make the seminar without spending my last dollar, literaly, and missing some important classes. Anything would be great to have!

to say the least, i am very interested in the tapes :slight_smile:

good idea!

Guys, the seminar will not be videod. Sorry. There are several reasons for this. 1) In the past, selling videos of seminars hasn’t been successful or worth the cost. I’m told that when Muscle Media/EAS used to do this they always ended up with stockpiles of videos no one wanted. I’m sure you guys would buy it, but is selling 15 or 20 copies worth hiring the video people, making tapes, etc? Probably not. Actually, in a small organization like T-mag/Biotest, time is the real factor, not money. That’s just a lot of time to put into something that will most likely not work out all that well. 2) There’s always been a reluctance to video seminars. Most strength coaches, for example, will start their seminars by saying “No cameras, no recording equipment. I mean it.” I guess if people think they can pay $25 bucks for a video, they won’t bother paying $250 to attend the seminar. It kind of ruins the seminar business, I guess. It also kind of ruins the unique experience of attending a hands-on seminar.

Anyway, there won’t be a video available of the “No Holds Barred” seminar although Ian King is going to have some new ones available soon that go through every exercise in his new “Bring the Pain” or “Get Buffed II” series. Not sure if T-mag is going to be selling those, but they’ll be available through Ian’s site for sure. Also, I’m sure some of the really cool info (like what Berardi has planned) will end up being a T-mag article sooner or later. Lastly, I’m told there a few spots left so if you really want to attend, call’em up. Hope this helps.

Chris, Ian’s new tapes are being offered through a direct email offer. I bought them last week and are expecting them any day. I bought them because I knew I would not be able to make the seminar. I still think you should consider audio taping the talks of Berardi and Roberts. Audio is cheap and duplication is cheaper. Their info would probably translate to audio better.

Yes, audio tapes would be great. Cheap and easy too.