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Video Store Survey

My roommate and I filled out a survey for a local video rental store. This is what we put in the comments section. Every word is true:

[quote]The overall service and selection of the movies was very good however the other day I went to rent Highlander 1 unfortunately it was either rented or sent back because it was damaged, I can’t remember because ****** Video was the second movie store we went to to find Highlander 1 and I can’t remember why the other store did not have it. Anyway, I ended up renting Highlander 2 which to me and my friends surprise was not only nothing like Highlander 1, but was nothing like anything at all. Within the first 15 minutes me and my friends were extremely confused at what was going on in the movie because of the lack of any coherent scenes and story line, then we realized we might be having some kind of psychedelic acid trip but NO WE WERE TOTALLY NOT!

Anyway, the staff were very helpful in helping us to locate the only Highlander movies they had available. As noted, the real shame was Highlander 2’s total lack of continuity with Highlander 1. You’d think “Oh, cool, Highlander, I’m going to see Sean Connery and whatnot.” Oh, you get to see Sean Connery but it is on loco go-crazy planet with a bunch of reject sand people from George Lucas’ basement. Then there’s these Tourette syndrome burn victims screaming nonsense riding around flying skateboards. And don’t get me started on the basic premise of the movie! The shield is supposed to be protecting them from cosmic rays or sunspots or something because of the lack of ozone layer right? That’s the whole point of the shield! But McCloud keeps saying that the UV rays above the shield are normal. Of course they’re normal, the whole problem was ozone levels! The movie’s ending negates the entire premise! Oh, and the whole ending with them climbing up some ladder in Death Valley that opens up on the top of Magic Mountain! WTF?

So, in conclusion please keep up the good work but I suggest you send out a memo advising your staff to counsel customers carefully before they rent Highlander 2. [/quote]

I can’t beleive you’ve actually seen highlander 2. That takes some serious self discipline.

Pretty funny though.