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Video: Rethinking Deloads for 5/3/1?

I also feel lazy and sore after deloads. What do you guys think?

especially since I’m still a beginner

If the usual deload doesn’t do it for.you then you can do a single or 3-5 reps or go for a rep PR at your TM on your deload*. I’d stick with one of these deloads that are prescribed as part of the program - especially since you’re still a beginner

*See the Forever 5/3/1 book for when to use what.

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I’d say a couple of things.

  1. About feeling “lazy” after a deload: this is a bit true. It will take a workout or two to get back to be mentally ready to hit PRs as you might have been doing before the deload. But, it’s not about peaking on the workout after you deload. It’s about the long haul. Taking regular deloads before you feel like you need them allows you to continually get stronger, avoid injury, and progress for years.
  2. As a beginner, you’re not as strong as yet (and often younger) so deloads might be needed less often. An older, strong AF lifter will need to deload more often than a 17 year old who maxes out at 185 on the bench.
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@T3hPwnisher didn’t you at some point write that you don’t really follow the 7th week protocol but do like five cycles forward, three back? Might not have gotten the exact quota though… That could work regardless of experience level I suppose.

Yup. 5 forward/3 back was something Jim had before he released the 7 week protocol. By all accounts, the latter is better, but the former keeps working for me so I have no need to change it.


I’m guessing it’s a better psychological fit for some too.

Don’t go bringing neurotypes into this, haha.

I wasn’t.

Some people just don’t want to deload was my point.

I know lots of people that fit that bill at least. The only time they deload is when they are injured or sick. Hey, is that a mirror?

It’d be easier to “sell” me on, push ahead for 5, then go back three and dominate them, and add 2 onto that.

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It was more a joke, haha.

However, I DO still deload. 5 forward/3 back is a TM management strategy, not a deloading one. I deload after every 2 cycles.

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Oh, then I misunderstood your earlier mark completely. But, now I have to admit I’m confused because the 7th week protocol isn’t (?) a TM management strategy. You just increase your TM every cycle, no?* Otherwise, I’ve missed something fundamental in my readings. Or am just exhibiting a particularily bad spell of forgetfullness.

* Until you no longer can of course

The 7 week protocol is a TM management protocol too. But it looked like you were saying 5 forward/3 back was a strategy for deloading. It isn’t. It is a strategy for using the right TM.

I don’t increase my TM every cycle: I advance it forward and 5, then back 3, then repeat.


Right, now I’m with you. Cheers.

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