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VIdeo Response to Planet Fitness


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qBRG4RkE51Q&feature=related LOL



BTW shawn, that shadow on your avatar's trap is the most distracting thing ever. It makes one trap look huge and the other really small.


This was posted a while back....still funny though.

Steve has a log on the EFS website as well.


I think it's safe to say that no good can ever come of a Planet Fitness thread. I mean we've now seen everything possible about them here on T-Nation.
I mean unless one of their branches actually explodes today (today currently being April 8th, 2011) then best not to post anything about it.

Same goes for the Shakeweight.


i guess while were posting old responses to planet fitness crap, i might as well post orlando barbell's


"$29.99/month, because our equipment gets used"


LOL at :25




They had a meet today. I'm going to need to ask Steve how it went tomorrow.


Never seen before, but I'm going to say this: BEST. GYM. AD. EVER!


As much as both of these make me smile I prefer this commercial, what is different between these and the Planet Fatness is these guys truly don't judge.


That was great haha. Thanks for posting that.