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Video: Quad Tear, DL PR, Editing PR



Do you have any idea why your quad decided to explode?


I didn't watch the video (didn't want to bring back memories), was it a complete tear or a partial? I had a complete tear a few years ago, it isn't any fun but recovery can be pretty good in most situations. Sucks you got hurt, good luck with the healing process. And congrats on the editing PR :slight_smile:


No clue. It felt fine and then BAM. Some movement dysfunction some where I guess. My right foot is still broken, it's my left quad that blew up. I could have been compensating and not realized it. Also, this was only 2 days after I squatted 505 5 times with the SSB. I probably wasn't recovered.


Partial. No deformity or anything. Just immediate swelling and bruising. I have been taking pretty good care of it. It just sucks that RAW worlds is in 3 weeks. Very discouraging timing.


Well I am glad it was a partial but the timing totally sucks, I am sorry about that my friend. Good thing your stiff legged deadlift is better than most people's regular deadlift :wink:


what is this "Editing PR" you speak of?