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Video of What CT Principles Gave Me


Hi everybody,
I am from Czech republic and there is only one training philosophy - Weiders bodybuilding principles. So I am little bit like alien for others in my fitness-center while performing weightlifting and powerlifting exercices, but I thanks a lot to Christian for teaching me all of these. My results are better day to day and I did more progress in past seven months than in past three years. Enjoy:


I saw this vid few months ago, yet, your profile states you’ve only added it yesterday. BUT I recall seeing it few months ago.

Anyway, nice work. I can’t imagine a gym like yours. Looks fucking hweege and well equipped. How much does it cost for a month? A year? :o)

mea culpa, I’ve found it:

Ã?our spotter at 2:18 is a giant. At least 210cm tall? Keep rocking.


Nice job man, strong and athletic, that’s the way to go.
What are your lift numbers? ht? wt? etc.