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Video of Vroom


from way back in the day when he was young un in love



Frekin hilarious!




Hahahahahahah I've seen that before, its alot funnier when you tie VROOM into it.


LOL What is that kid singing "She moves like a...." I cannot make it out and I feel like I a missing out on some potential high comedy.




It's more like a video of Vroom when he used to workout. What happened Vroom; you shrunk! Did you stop eating or something? Are you fasting for world peace?


I like the Disney bed sheets...


My wife has listened to like, 3 of those inane videos. I think I'm going to take her computer away now!!


Damnation... that was scary.


Two things: Even if that kid was joking, no one his age would get it and he'd get the shit beat outta him, and those batman pop-ups were awesome.


brings back memories, huh?


I knew you had a sense of humor!That was a test huh.


LOL. Nice forgery there Wuf...


That's a ****** post, Wuf! :smiley:

Are you over her yet, Vroom? It's OK, there are plenty of fish in the sea. Although they're probably not all called like a sneeze.


It's times like this that I wonder if the internet is truly forward progress for mankind. Is it me, or did that kid look like he was really feeling it in his dance moves? No way was he just going through the motions.



Everything's funnier when Vroom's tied into it.