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Video of Sparring Sessions?


Watching fights and breaking the techniques down can be a tricky thing to do, especially if your haven't been to the sport for a long time, since there is so much stuff going on at every moment. I have found watching some sparring footage from professional fighters much more helpful for picking up small things with their timing, closing the distance, etc., stuff that is very important for the whole technique to work in the real situation but is really hard to pick up watching the same guys fight (+the obvious reasons for the technique breaking down a bit such as faster pace, more adrenalin etc).

This forum has such a great bunch of very experienced people who must've seen more than one or two videos of pros sparring footage, so why not share what you remember? Videos that have been particularily helpful in developing your game. Everything from boxing to MMA is more than welcome.


This one is classic. AS VS Minotauro on sparring.

mind this was before Minota's UFC Debut.


Shogun showing he can hang with the big boys

Shogun VS JDS

this was before Mark Coleman and Liddell.


My favorite fighter of all time sparring against a boxing standout.

Fedor Emelianenko VS Denis Lebedev

1st round

2nd round


Lebedev is a boxing standout??

Since when


Kinda long, but here's another one of AS doing some boxing sparring (skip to about 3:45).


Prime Tyson sparring.


Another Tyson sparring vid.


Holyfield sparring with David Tua.


Pacquiao sparring.


I don't much about boxing ranks nowadays, but he does seem a legit boxer.


Great video. Thanks for sharing.


wow. Tyson was a freaking beast on those sparring sessions, sick head movement.



Great stuff rundymc.


Yup. Just about anyone would benefit from studying Tyson's head movement during his prime. Perfect example of being a moving target.


Pac's vid is a great example of throwing "punches in bunches". Too many beginners will throw 1, maybe 2 punches at a time. Pacman on the other hand almost always throws a bunch at a time and usually winds up landing at least a couple as a result of it.


I would prefer to see beginners throw 1/2 punches with their chin down and their guard up than seeing them go all 'four-loko' on one another's ass. Beginners have a tendency to go Freakazoid after more than two punches.


Obviously keeping their chin down and guard up should be done at all times, and if they are only able to throw 1-2 punches while doing so then yeah, I'd agree. I'm not advocating turning into a "rock em sock em robot" or anything like that.


Been a bit busy but finally got through all the great stuff you guys posted, tons of brilliant stuff indeed, thank you very much :slight_smile: . Especially love the way those boxers use angles to set up their strikes, that's something I got to work on more.