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Video of Really Strong Shotputter?


Ok, this probably won't work, but I'll throw it out here anyway.

Once upon a time there was a youtube video of an Olympic shotputter doing lots of strength training, with lots of cleans and squats, more than anything, if my memory serves me well. I've tried to find it, but alas, I can't.
If anyone knows wich video this is, I would apreciate the help.


Look up Brian Oldfield, I mean there is a lot of shot putters and lot of those work out, so you might wanna give a little more information.



that is a classic!


bruch was a discus guy though fyi...


lol @ 2:57


Just Youtube Werner Gunther...


Lol I'd never heard of ricky bruch. Skip to 3:04 and watch how he finishes his workout... I can't stop laughing at how awesome it is.




Oh... yeah I uh...totally knew that or whatever

I'm an idiot


that was quite possibly the most awesome thing I have ever seen a grown man do. I think it's the beard


I love this site


That shit is beyond hilarious.


By far the most famous shotputter of all time, don't think this has any cleans in it... but this is the first vid I could think of.



And he has a pretty sick mullet to boot. He has my respect with that


All I know is that it was a video from nowadays, the guy is training for the 2012 Olympics, if I'm not mistaken.
It's a shot in the dark, I know, but no matter, this thread is already full of win with those Ricky Bruch videos!
AAAHHHRRRGGGG!!! - breaks ceiling lamp - AAAHHHRRRRGGGGG!!!!


look up wernor gunthor on youtube, i think thats the one you mean..


It isn't, but thank you all for the sugestions. It was an american guy. The video was quite recent.


John Godina? Or the other American guy that took 3rd two spots behind him, can't remember his name..was a defensive tackle for Dartmouth.