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Video of My Meet


I'm new to this forum so I thought I'd introduce myself to the powerlifting section.

Here's a vid of a meet I did back in the summer: http://youtu.be/RE4NBU5VjXQ?list=UUCOJZfu_ivnUElltFg1WyBg

Happy gainz all


Nice lifts man.


Nice work and welcome to this forum


Dude you are bad ass. My brother powerlifts and just joined your gym. PM me and I will send you his number. Maybe you all could lift together. BTW you guys are strong. Me and my brother cant get some of your lifts and we weigh a lot more than you. Great job.




Nice work fellas!


I remember seeing you guys warming up at that meet. I did the NAS strongman comp that day. You have any meets planned in the next few months?


Not at the moment. We're focusing on grades, getting interns, preparing 4 grad school, ect. I don't know about Roger but I plan to do a meet after my spring finals