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Video of Me Snatching


Here is a video of my PR snatch of 195lb. Please critique


Pretty sweet lift.

Critique; It looked like you flexed your arms quite coming off the floor. I think you should try to keep your arms straight until your hips reach full extension.


Lift looked good, music made me want to pull my hair out.


That was a power snatch. You're definitely good for more weight if you go for a full snatch!

Nice job.


great lift! congrats on the PR


Nice work man!!!

What song are you jamming out to in the background?


Awesome dude. I've just started doing oly lifts and really enjoy them.


Thanks for all the positive feedback. Does anyone else have the tendency to lose their balance going forward in the lift, because it happens to me when I snatch and squat the weight it that video. The song is a dj craze mix, live at the sanctuary 2002.


I'm sure if you can build the flexibility in your shoulders you'll be able to hold the bar back a bit further. Make sure you push your head and neck forward on the catch.


Sorry, I disagree. Keep the head and chest up. Pushing the head and neck forward will cause the thoracic spine to round. If you do that, better be prepared to dump the bar behind you.

When you come to a stand, make sure your abs, quads and butt are tight. That might help your balance. Your butt is stuck out meaning, that you have not completed hip extension.



good advice on this thread and nice D&B Boh! anyway , you might want to focus on relaxing your arms in addition to some of the other advice you have gotten. I've found that trying to force the arms straight just leads to me using them too much and bending too early. remember that the energy from the lift comes mostly from your hips and legs. later

P.S. going out and dancing to drum and bass is how i lost 25 pounds.


That was awesome!


you could get more out of your pull as you aren't getting full extension. and your heels come off the deck each time you squat... is that because of your shoulders or your hips/calves ?

whichever, it's obviously allowing the weight to drift out of the center groove. good lift, but imo you should squat-snatch that weight. i don't think it makes sense to do a max power snatch..it'll just slow you down and screw up your technique.


The lift looks easy, a great PR!!

However, I agree that your hips are coming up too early and the bar is not staying close to your body. Lastly, as others have mentioned, you need to extend fully and get your hips into the lift. Look at some videos of Olympic lifters and you will see this.

If you can, try and find a coach to help you with your technique. The snatch is very much a technique lift. This will help you do more.

P.S. It's a power snatch followed by two overhead squats.


You are looking down at the floor when you squat which will round your upper back and move the bar forward, meaning you have to fight the bar to keep it back. As for all squats and deads, keep looking slightly upwards and keep your chest up and out to maintain a good lower back arch. Whenever I overhead squat, especially with max weights, I really try to focus on 3 things:

  1. head and chest up
  2. good lower back arch
  3. try to "pull the bar apart", which will help keep you elbows locked. As soon as you introduce any flexing of the elbow you increase the chance of losing the weight.