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Video of LeBron Getting Dunked On



Not as nasty as I thought, but still, DAMN he got posterized!


Yeah, amazing. I also shot over Charles Barkley when I was like nine years old at a Suns game. I am sure he was into it as much as he was as a real game.


Way to kiss leBron's ass. So you're saying he didn't try to block that shit? LOL.


I actually saw this on Sportscentre this morning. Pretty decent dunk, but the way the video was confiscated made me expect much much better.

Funny how confiscating the video backfired, since when the video was released it was show on TV which probably wouldn't have happened for a dunk of that caliber....

BTW if it were the other way around and LeBron dunked on that kid, he probably would've got the extra free throw as well...just saying.


Theres nothing nasty about that dunk at all.. the guy had an open lane to dunk and Lebron tried coming from the side to block it.. its nasty if Lebron was ALREADY there and still gets dunked on.

Agreed with what Larry said.. Lebron would have gotten the and 1 free throw.


x2 he was the help man in that play and the guys had 4 strong strides to the basket before Lebron got position and took 1 step before jumping.

This is why NBA defense sucks! They are scared to be on someone's highlight reel/poster. Now, they decide they just won't jump.


He's not kissing ass he's being legit, sorry if you hate Lebron and want bad things to happen to him. Ebaumsworld has a much better quality version of the video and it's not exciting at all, I expected much better, like it was said before if Nike hadn't confiscated the tape it really would not be a big deal.

And let's all be real, Lebron gets calls, but I haven't seen him get Dwayne Wade in the Finals type calls. I also think he's replaced Shaq as the hardest player in the game to referee.


Yea it was way over hyped and we finally saw how it all went down. Thought it was going to be something explosive, but a decent dunk, nothing spectacular ( ie LeBron dunkn on KG, BD dunkn on Kirilenko, even vince carter dunk during the 2000 olympic). Like what they said on sportscenter, if you play ball, you'll be dunking on someone and getting dunked on...


Um...you just described what getting dunked on is. It was nasty. He caught Lebron not paying attention, Lebron was slow to rotate, went for the block, and got one creamed in his face.


Did you just not read what I wrote. Your comparing LeBron's ass, one of the worst defensive players to one of the best defensive players Charles Barkley? If a nine year old can shot over a grown man with the first name Charles and the last name Barkley with the Purple and Orange on, you do not think a college athlete with an open lane can dunk on someone that has their back almost turned to their lane?


I agree with Mango's assessment, but it took me four tries to spell assessment correctly, so take my opinion for what's it's worth.


It wasent that nasty, Lebron just dident have the angle to block it.


Lol that comment might be best prefaced by something along the lines of "I know I may appear biased my name is Clevelands23 but,"

That being said I agree


lame. that wasn't nearly as interesting as i thought it would be when i first heard about it.


Saw this last night. Was a nice dunk, but nothing killer. The fact that LeBron had it confiscated to save face made an otherwise good play damn near legendary. James is proving to be a spoiled brat. He plays 8-on-5 against the magic, STILL LOSES and disappears from the arena without a word to anyone.

Now he gets barely punched on by a college kid and doesn't want the vid leaked. I'm sure we'll all hear it was Nike's doing, but that's bullshit. After hearing sportscasters and fans talk about his fragile ego for a week he wanted to "prove" he's not such a baby after all. My only advice is never get too close to David Stern, 'cause his breath is sure to smell like LeBron's dick.


It was a dunk on. You're not really trying on D if you've never been dunked on down low, especially at that level of play. Its part of the game. Nike made it a big deal by taking the video away.


That dunk wasn't even a big deal. If the tapes aren't confiscated, nobody cares.


No big deal. No surprise.


Maybe you didn't read what I wrote. He got dunked on. Who cares if he was up in the air trying to say "hi" to him? He got dunked on and that was the point of the whole thing. He tried to block the ball didn't he? And by doing that, coupled with the fact that he tried to save his face made it seem more of a big deal than it should've been.

And you just said LeBron is one of the worst defensive players in the game. That alone shot your credibility down. And I almost believed you shot over Charles Barkley when you were nine.


Agreed. I think the fact that the tapes were confiscated fueled all the speculation. Otherwise, it was amusing, but not really noteworthy that a good, solid college player got a dunk on a "superstar"