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Video: NFL Player has Bizarre Stuttering Problem


Like umm?




Blast it says video not found


i kinda feel bad...he looks so happy but just cant spit it out...i occasionally stutter maybe thats why i feel bad


He seems extremely nervous, I feel bad for the guy, but like ummm it is funny, yes sir it is funny




I don't really find it funny. It's got to be really difficult to interact with people with a problem like that.


I don't find it funny at all. I use to have a really big problem public speaking and would always have trouble breathing because of anxiety and being so nervous. I feel where the guy is coming from and he will only become better at it the more he gets use to it.


Couldn't make it through 5 seconds because I felt incredibly embarrassed for the guy myself. I'm too empathetic, sigh.


I don't see that as a bad thing.


heh, I used to freeze up in public like that. Put him on there 10 more times, he'll be fine, unless like ummm... like umm, like, like um, like he's got other more serious issues than stage fright and a stutter.... Yes sir


I think that's a form of Tourette Syndrome or something, I don't really feel sorry for him though, he is livin the dream after all.


Nerves are a bitch, nothing can shut you down and make you feel helpless like anxiety problems.


poor kid; reminds me of Lester Hayes (am i showing my age with that reference?).


Hah, yes!


He can't become much worse.