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Video: Maxing at Summer's Start

Hey, my friend made this video a few months ago of me maxing in a his basement. I weigh 173lbs, compete at 165. I got these lifts up at the actual contest in July. My PR’s are as follows

Bench- 295
Squat- 420
Deadlift- 490

Just figured I’d share.

Nice work mate, id be wrapped with that at 165. Are these your current maxes or the ones from your contest in july?

I think your DL form might need a little work (rounded your back a bit) but other than that, very nice.

Keep it up

That was cool.

What kind of training methods have you used?

Why not post your competition maxes?

BP -red light (the bar was “close” to the chest)

Squat - red light (high) Always position yourself, so that when you are finished squatting, you walk FORWARD to the rack

DL -ouch. Head up, butt down and straight back for starters.


Competition maxes

Squat- 415
BP- 265
Deadlift- 475, but on a 4th attempt I tried 490 and got it, but at one point I lowered it some so it didn’t count. Would have counted in Strongman, though.

Thanks for the advice, gonna keep working hard and hopefully break all my records next contest. Anyone know of any competitions in New England this December or January?