Video Lectures

Thought it would be a good idea to start a thread where we can post and discuss different lectures available on the internet. I have always found that these seem to be very good at getting a message across, but the lack of discussion afterwards saddened me :frowning:

Also, these videos are convincing but I do not want to accept them as fact without hearing differing opinions and reasoning, which I hope appears in this thread.

I guess I will post the some first; the first being one that was posted already (Credit to Xab I believe) about fructose, and the second being one I saw on another website on the topic of ‘Obesity as a disorder of fat metabolism’.

The second one is in 7 parts, sorry for the clicking. (Also, the first 4 sections are a build-up to the last 3, consisting of mostly case-studies and epidemiological studies, which are used in an attempt to validate the biochemistry discussed in the last segment)

wow, thought the 1st vid would be boring, but amazingly good.

thanks so much for posting

This is one my favourites:

It talks about the links between nutrition and behaviour:

I may be a little late, but these lectures are gold!
Forwarded them to ppl in the office, hopefully that will change some behaviors for the better.

I’m hungry for steak now.