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Video Learning for Oly Lifts


What is the best video/dvd out there teaching the Olympic lifts?


"FROM THE GROUND UP by Dan John" and "OLYMPIC WEIGHTLIFTING FOR BEGINNER & INTERMEDIATE WEIGHTLIFTER: DVD & MANUAL by Jim Schmitz". For the first one go to Dan's site for the other go to ironmind's site. This is good stuff, but nothing compared to real coaching.


I have from "ground Up" by Dan John. It's good although a bit quirky and corny humor throughout. He shares some very useful pointers about proper form.

but it left me very puzzled and a bit disappointed in that he NEVER covers the jerk part of the lift. You never see the finish part pressing it or jerking it overhead. whats up with that? how could that be left out of the dvd?
His intructional style seems to be to break down each lift into smaller parts and teach proper form for each phase of the lift, but he never finishes and shows the entire lift all tied together.

I mean there was no arms locked overhead segment at all!!


Thanks guys!