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Video: Koklyaev Strength Exhibition


Was lucky enough to be at the Misha Koklyaev exhibition in Glasgow, Scotland. 13/8/2010

  • 270kg jerk from behind the neck (a new pb)
  • 400kg deadlift x 3reps.
  • 290kg no-hands squat (world record)
  • 190kg snatch (25kg more than ever been snatched on Scottish soil before). With a donation of some money (and a cake!) at the platform to show appreciation! A definite conntender for WSM 2010.

A great bloke with lots of stories throughout.

This is some of the warmups leading up to and including the biggest lifts...

Mikhail Koklyaev jerk From 210kg up to 270kg

Mikhail Koklyaev deadlift From 300kg to 400kg x 3

Mikhail Koklyaev snatch from 130kg - 190kg


Absolutely monstrous. Incredible deadlifting. Didn't he have a back trauma not long ago?


Torn bicep, no?


I know he tore his bicep, I saw this video and assumed he had done something to his back...

My bigest deadlift for eight months after a trauma 360 kg / 792 lb

But I suppose he could have been talking about his bicep there...
Anyway, he's healthy now, and a solid contender for WSM 2010.


He was talking about his bicep in that video. He also had a bad car wreck sometime there after he was hospitalized for.


Thanks for posting. This guy is incredible. What a role model. No matter how heavy he goes his form is always perfect. I've never seen him do a bad rep. I like the way he starts his deads from a full squat, maybe thats why his form is so good, he starts each rep from scratch and he's got a 210kg+ snatch. Unbelievable!


Have u seen this?