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Video: Jaw-Dropping Athleticism


Wow. Checkout this mixture of martial arts, parkour, and gymnastics:




All I could think of during that is that he really is a ninja - and then that scrolling credit at the end confirmed it.

Who started that 'ninja' fetish everyone had a while ago? This sure as hell would revive it!


That's impressive, Chris, but tell me: Have you seen the movie Ong Bak with Tony Jaa?

If not, watch the trailer. Oh yeah, prepared to be amazed.



You put it perfectly....JAW DROPPING! I lost my sandwich....


All I can say is WOW.


Check out Joe Eigo's multi-level moves. Even better than this guy.




posted this a week ago, there's another video included in there as well.

these kids are amazing.


I agree, Ong Bak takes pure wire-free, cgi-free, double-free, fx-free stunts to a new level. And I've only seen the trailer (gonna buy it tommorow). While we're on the subject, the first half of the video seemed like extreme walking to me. Check this clip out for some more:


Look up my boy Lateef Crowder... he'd clown that fool :wink:


Here's lateef's video...


he doesn't lift weights either... but his whole family are like super athletes so he doesn't exactly count lol


Also check out David Belle's Banlieu 13 clip (best Parkour I've ever seen) and Junior's demo video (best breakdancing). Belle is fluid as water. Junior's hollowback and variations are incredible; he plays with his planche variations with -s-t-y-l-e.



or google "David Belle" and "Banlieu 13"



or just google "Junior" and "Breakdance."


Incredible !!!!


Why does no one go apenuts over male gymnasts? They're just as amazing I think. =/


Holy Crap! I came like 9ft off a ladder and sprained both feet (not on purpose). How do these guys do that and not get wrecked?!


Awesome, I always wanted to do the wall run and flip.


WOW, those back hand springs with no hands (back head springs???) were incredible!

I still have to check out the other videos that people posted.

Cool shit!

I agree about gymnasts. I always thought that what they do is very impressive.


I've always wanted to do a handstand.


His practice for the final jump scenes of the Banlieu 13 clip, were done for a French documentary. The harder-to-find clip from this program, has Belle finally dropping to the ground (in his classic speed-air man stance), and bouncing a couple of feet in the air (yay kinetic energy)! It literally looked like he has springs in his legs.


God I wish I could be that sick.


If you weighed 110# you wouldn't get hurt either, I wonder how much he squats???