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Video Inspiration....


There are a bunch of these at the californiastrength youtube site, but this is the one I made today, I think its pretty good. I know a lot of you guys train alone, and sometimes Its hard to get "fired up" to go after the big weights. I have been told that these videos are inspirational, I hope some of you guys training by yourself can use this to get fired up for a personal record!!!


That was some beautiful lifting


I put up a really cool one today on clean and jerks, Spencer and Jon had a little contest, doing doubles and adding 5kg each set... the contest is at the end of the video, but its worth waiting for.


These videos are incredible by the way. I would love to have a team setting like this, but this is the next best thing.


Thanks a lot man, it actually takes quite a bit of time to edit these things and put them together every day, nice to know someone appreciates them. I am gonna keep putting them up on my facebook at least for as long as I can afford the time to do it...


Glenn, thanks for the vids!

If I may give a suggestion, put the name of the lifter with his bodyweight and the weight lifted on each lift. A date as an additional info might be nice too, but not really necessary. I can imagine that it would really help a lazy and mathematically challenged person like me!


Glenn's already pumping out a lot of videos! Would add on quite a lot of time! Besides, screw the nintendo ds, you've got quick math brain training right there! (or you could just pause the video)

I watch all of the videos you put up Glenn! They are appreciated, thank you


This was great to watch. I like that 2 cleans + jerk workout - I may try that.

That guy doing the power jerks at the beginning almost looked like he could strict press the weight. And I don't mean that in a negative way like he was pressing out his jerks - I mean he looked that strong. Some of the strongest power jerks I've seen.


I agree. Paperclip, learn to recognize the weights by color and then just count the plates.

I also watch all of your videos, Glenn. I've watched the technique videos several times and have gotten a lot out of them. Your "top down" approach is a great way to teach the lifts and it has helped my snatch.


The single most entertaining videos I've watched Glenn, especially love the addition of your commentary!


So I have a YouTube account, and I came across some great Oly videos and thought "Score! These guys definitely know what they're doing. I'm subscribing to this!". Turns out the channel's name was CaliforniaStrength :slight_smile:


wow lol I wouldn't want to play basketball against them


I love watching Cali Strength lifting vids, always inspirational.