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I am looking for a specific video. I saw it a couple months back on youtube and cannot find it no matter how hard I try. It is Manny Puig (I believe) snorkeling down to a wrecked ship, sticking his hand down a giant goliath groupers throat and wrestling it the several dozen yards back to the surface. It was pretty freaking sweet, watching a dude wrestle a 300+ pound fish to the surface.



^ I can't help you sorry


I am looking for the video where a dozen porn scene are hidden by animated drawings: for example a ice cream cone so the girl (who is really giving a BJ) is licking or a bull when the girl is riding. you get the drift. It had really nifty music also if I remember.

I am also looking for a video where two guys with long hair are ''training to death''. The video show scene of them training (there was a 3plate zercher and 4-5 plate deadlift if I remember) with staged intensity and dying at the end

  1. Might have been removed off You Tube.
  2. He has a website - any chance you can get a video from there or worst case a DVD with the footage you're looking for.

I don't know too much about your subject but I'm pretty good with Google, I couldn't get much when I tried searching (I'm sure you tried this too). Unfortunately some of the videos on You Tube are tagged incorrectly making searching more difficult, plus I don't know your subject matter so I can't tell when I've found the video. Damn.


I appreciate the help, good try.

I looked on his website however pretty much all the videos were 'manny on kate beckinsale' or Manny wrestling some gator. Nothing about his adventures with free diving for jewfish.

This fella is truly one of the most insane men I have ever seen. Case in point: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sQTp9nN802M&feature=related


That vid is awsome.. How big are alligators compared to crocodiles?


I remember reading somewhere how crocs usually get up to around 6 meters whereas gators only get to a little over 4.


that was probably in a wild boys episode as it sounds familiar to me and I have seen all of them as a result of co-inventing a wild boys drinking game.


A wild boyz drinking game? Please explain


you know the show right?

Its a little hazy cause its been a while but we picked events to drink to. Anytime they say dude, get bitten by something, etc you drink. Asscrack is finish your beer.

I think there were more rules but those alone will probably get you going.