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Video: Girls Lifting Session


This is a video we put together over the last 3 days of some of our female clients during there session. Tell us what you think. We should have it done by next week an up on youtube for everyone to see.


new video:


You know there is MWA right?


There was some pretty bad form and some pretty good form. At least the trainer knew some of them were doing it wrong.

PS Aren't you supposed to lead with the head before your hips rise on the deadlift? Cuuuuz I saw hips pop up way before the head started movin.


yup lead with the head, but sometimes the hips will move first depending on the person. As long as they keep there neck up IMO this is fine. The idea is that they are using there whole body to pull.

I am aware of MWA just wanted the opinion of T-Nation posters.


ok, i'm confused; when do they get naked?


Honestly I saw A LOT more bad forms and technical mistakes than good things in the video. In fact, few actually use perfect or even safe form.

Some things I've noticed:

  • One girl doesn't go all the way down on her pull-ups, sad because she is the one who looks to be the most capable.

  • One swing like crazy to get up on her pull-ups

  • 4 girls squat with a ''tail under'' position. This means that their lower back rounds in the bottom position and their hips get ''under'' their body while it should be back with the lower back arched. This is because they are going too low for their own body structure/mobility. You should always shoot for full squats, but a full squat should only be as deep as you can while maintaining a proper mechanical position. A tail-under squat is very dangerous.

  • 3 girls bent their torso forward WAY too much on squats.

  • 1 girl is completely losing control of her squat because of that excessive forward lean, she loses her balance and has to step forward. 2 others shift their weight on the front of their feet instead of keeping it in the center (combined center of gravity of the body and barbell).

  • Most girls round their lower back or at least lose their arch when deadlifting.

  • They all rise their hips way too fast, coupled with rounded back lifting you have what I call a ''fishing rod technique'' which is a recipe for lower back injury.

  • They all have an hyperextended neck when deadlifting. The head should be kept in line with the spine (neutral).

  • I also noticed a general lack of control of the weight on most exercises (some shaking and less than ideal bar paths).

  • The last girl to bench resort to too much hips movement to lift the weight.

In all fairness, bad form like I just mentionned often happen to even clients of the best coaches. I don't have a problem with individuals doing one bad rep at the end of the set from time to time as long as the coach corrects it. However I question the intelligence of putting the reps done with bad form in a video that will be widely available. However some other mistakes seem to be present on all reps and that is not acceptable.

I'm called to evaluate trainers all the time, and honestly the trainers in the video would not get a passing grade from me.


Lol agreed not the best form in the world at all.
I hate working out in the gym for the simple reason that very few trainers seem to know what they are doing - just look at those guys they don't exactly look like they are in brilliant shape.


wow thats scary bad form


army girl has a nice ass



Thanks for the input.

The video you saw was put up just for the purpose. I assure you the final video will have good form.

The clients are not athletes, just regular girls from hair stylests to teachers training 1 - 2 a week. There form has been improving from week to week.


Whether they are athletes or not doesn't excuse bad form. The first thing to do with a client is to make sure that their form is crisp on every exercise.

If they are using lousy form you should drop the weights and work on form. You don't go to heavy loading (which some of this stuff seems to be since their are doing low reps while straining) before making sure that lifting form is, if not perfect, at least safe.


CT maybe you should visit some gyms in Australia then. At the gym i went to i went and asked one of the trainers if she could show me the correct form for deadlifts and squats and she said she couldn't because she didn't know how to do them because they are exercises for males.

She works there full time 7 days a week and writes programs for both males and females.


The comment regarding the movements being for men only was stupid. HOWEVER I do applaud her for not showing them to you since she did not know how to do them. YES it shows that the trainer doesn't know much. However it also shows that she was smart enough not to attempt to teach you something that she didn't know.

A lot of coaches have no idea how to do or teach an exercise, but teaches it anyway not to look like they don't know their stuff. And that is downright stupid.


quality over quantity always.

That was some bad form.
The human body is an amazing thing, because it could have been very easy for some of those squats or deadlifts to snap something.

At least if they do get hurt there is an easy way for them to have evidence of improper instruction.


Again I agree. Thanks for the input. We have over 5,000 training hours here over the last two years with no back injuries.

I just read the "first person" article on you. 600 lbs dead lift is a lot. How long before you think you will get that? And will you post a video of you doing it with perfect, if not safe form?


What do you think are the best exercises or stretches to help them get lower without the lumbar spine rounding?


Wow. The guy who coached those REALLY poor squats and DL's is going to try to call out Thibs on his DL? I was astounded watching those girls deadlift with that guy standing there, saying nothing. Hips rising first, huge lumbar spine flexion, the whole thing dangerous. Wow.


those deadlifts are going to cause some serious problems very soon. im unsure why after every shitty rep the trainers are saying "good" great" ect...when really it is the exact opposite.

i seriously hope that their forms dont get better week to week, but, improve durastically some time very soon, something is going to give.


Christ. The only purpose of this video could be to demonstrate bad form in the squat and the DL. My back hurts just from watching some of the girls.

The only reason they have not hurt themselves so far, is that the weight is still very light.


1) Deads could've/should've been a lot lighter to ensure hips don't rise so early in the lift.

2) I'd say 80% of those squats were better than 99% of the few people that actually USE the squat rack for squats. I saw the tail-under thing though, that makes me cringe. The depth was pretty good on the majority of reps but the arch MUST be maintained.

3) Chins could've been better as in using a full, dead hang with no swinging or leg raises but again, I can't see too many injuries stemming from those things and still much better than most males at the gym could pull off.

Now, just throwing this out there; does anyone remember or read about round-back lifting from the old-days?

I'll bet watching someone lift and load the Atlas Stones would cause a heart attack with some of you. Nevermind a 700-800 lb tire flip. And forget watching guys like Steve Jeck lift actual stones in his videos.

Anyone ever see a top ranked powerlifter deadlift a PR with a perfect arch? Me either.

How many filled 15 gallon kegs have been cleaned and pressed with whatever "textbook" form might be?

Anyone have the Max Effort Lower vids from Westside? If so, go back and check out the good mornings performed with a rounded back.

While excellent form is always a goal, I'd like to think that most of us wont instantly crumble the moment our form strays from "perfect".