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Video Games Top T-Men

I thought it would be interesting to discuss/debate/share some of the top T-Men in video games. Said virtual T-Man should be a video game character first and foremost (so no Batman or Wolverine, since they originated in a comic books despite being in video games). Here are a few…

Solid Snake - Metal Gear Solid Series - As revealed by the game’s creators, influenced by Snake Pliskin (Escape from…), Sean Connery, and more…

Scorpion - Mortal Kombat - Throws a spear at guys. Is dead but breathes fire. Ninja!!!

Max Payne - Max Payne - 'nuff said.

Duke Nukem - Again, he needs no introduction.

These are just a few I could think of. Also, who do you think has the best physique? Jin Kazama of Tekken fame is pretty savage.

Dhalsim. I used to dominate with Dhalsim.

What about Little Mac. He boxed people twice his size and had to jump to throw an uppercut. And he jogged in a pink warmup suit.

Not only that, but his trainer never had anything valuable to say mid-fight.

“Dodge his punch then counter-punch!”
“Don’t give up Mac, fight!”
And the best advice:
“Join the Nintendo Fan Club today Mac!”

A true T-man!

Haven’t played in years, but Duke Nukem, hell yeah.

“When you get to hell, tell 'em I sent you. You’ll get a group discount.”

Thank you for sharing. I’ll be using that one at some point.

[quote]Leeuwer wrote:
“When you get to hell, tell 'em I sent you. You’ll get a group discount.”[/quote]

Solid Snake…

Birdie from the original Street Fighter. I could never beat that guy…

[how many of your guys remember him?]

Coco Savage from the original “Exciting Hour” arcade wrestling game.

Wow. I’m OLD.

WESKER from the Resident Evil series, hands down.


  1. The bad-assness of this guy is unbelievable.

  2. Extremely strong for his size

  3. His strength comes from ergogenic aids, which he revealed openly in RE:Veronica X.

ryu hayabusa from the new ninja gaiden, he has the best physique of all video game characters.

Gotta be Max Payne - no question…he gets the chicks and kills hundreds of bad guys!

True t-men are in attitude and disposition also, right? I’m going with

  1. Master Chief (halo)
  2. Gordon Freeman (half life)

OK Come on guys.

PAC MAN the ultimate T-Man all he does is Eat and Bust ass all day. Well and chill with Mrs PAC MAN.

That or Mario. He kick Donkey Kongs A$$.

Yea Im old school and have NO idea who most of the others mentioned are.

OH damn that guy from the oribinal Pit Fall atari game was a bad ass as well.


“Its time to kick ass and chew bubble gum, and we’re all out of gum”. Duke Nuk’em

I’m going to have to go with mario too. All those other guys you mentioned seem like they were bred to fight, got trained to fight, etc. Mario, however, one day is just unclogging toilets like any old plumber, and all of a sudden he’s got to jump on motherfuckers, without warning.

The marine in Doom 3?
Big, muscular,fights all kind of possesed livng dead, goes to hell and back and uses a chain-gun and…

Torque from The Suffering without a doubt!!!

I always liked Mitsurugi from Soul Edge/Calibur. The opening movie in SC2 when he’s running across those rowboats, dodging and blocking bullets with his sword, and then slices some suckers in half is awesome.

I gotta say Voldo from SC also. I mean, he’s 50 years old and blind, and he’s still crazy agile and is busting up on people less than half his age. Just ignore his insane outfits, I mean he is blind.

I have to second Scorpion. Bad-ass undead ninjas rock. Also Cervates from SC. Why? Cause bad-ass undead pirates rock too.

Agent 47

Sagat. All the way. Ginormous scar across his chest, and a patch over one eye. Awesome.

Sagat winds hands down,
big ass muay thai fighter, with huge ass scar,
totally wins