Video First Grappling Tournament

I got first place in the white belt gi middleweight division. Thanks T-Nation for all the training advice!

That is really cool man, I’d never seen a grappling match before. Thanks for sharing and congrats on the win

Nice work man. I’m a little surprised they allowed subs below the waist in the white belt divsion. You move extremely well for a white belt.

nice posistional control and transistions, how long you been doing BJJ?

awesome stuff

Yea they only allowed ankle locks and knee bars in the white belt divisions, no heel hooks or toe holds. At the time, I had been training for about eight months, this tournament took place on August the fourth, so almost two months ago.

Nice transition from mount to arm-bar. Looked good man!

Man, they should call you Jake the Snake. Nice moves, man.

Great job! You looked real smooth out there. I’m doing my first tournament a month from now, so this was great motivation.

Nice that they let you start out on the feet. Unfortunately in my tourney we’ll be starting from the knees.

what are the rules to grappling exactly?

and what was the last song (woo tang possibly?)

great work

well the video is straight up gi jujitsu best place to start, matches can be won by submission, in event of no submission during alloted time, match will go to points, points are given for posistioning, guard passing, sweeps and take downs.

For no gi grappling generally an abu dhabi combat club style rule set is used

generally pulling guard, butt scooting and stalling are frowned upon in no gi grappling

For those reasons i dont enjoy gi jujtisu as much as no gi.
I once had a guy roll into upsidedown guard (totally useless outside BJJ competition)straight after the opening bell, i basically did a belly flop into side control to establish posistion.