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Video Editor for Snapchat Clips

Looking for advice on combing a bunch of 30s clips together to make a YouTube video.

They were all recorded in SnapChat and I have them saved in my Google drive account. I have access to both a PC and Mac, and whatever stock video editing software comes on them.

I haven’t tried to put them together yet into one video, and I’m not sure which file format they’re saved in.

Has anyone taken a similar course to combine clips like that? It’d be a lot easier to put them on IG, but I don’t want to do that.


  1. Download your clips from google.drive to your computer.
  2. Use the movie maker which comes with Windows or Mac to stitch the videos.
  3. Upload to YouTube.
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Of course it would be that easy. I still haven’t made an attempt to do so, actually have a work trip this week so perhaps a hotel activity.