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Video: Dog Saves Injured Dog on Highway


this is so amazing...I don't even know how to explain it.


that was so heartbreaking, but so amazing.


Poor dog. :frowning:

At least his buddy helped him/her out.



assuming these are pets.


In the city, there are many street dogs which belong to no one.

But you are right, way too many people just dump their dogs as well.


Oh my god...... That made me want to cry.


after reading these comments and just adopting a dog, def not watching. thanks.




That was amazing.


A couple of months ago I was getting on the highway and this little black furball wandered down off the shoulder. I exited and turned back around and by the time I got there there was an animal control officer who said he'd been trying to corner him for quite some time, he'd just been wandering all over the highway and fortunately hadn't been hit. The pup was almost in heatstroke by that time and he let me catch him... it was the cutest little chow puppy. He definitely was not a street dog but probably had been dumped, since he had stayed in the same area and seemed quite confused.

It makes me unspeakably mad that people would dump animals like that. For heaven's sake, take five minutes and take them to the pound. You can even do it anonymously.

I'm getting really mad now so I'm gonna end rant...


That dog that gets pulled off looks like it's finished...I mean it got hit head on by a white car and then another one drove over it twice.

Still...that dog that pulls it off is a little hero.


Damn it, I knew that link was going to take me to that picture but I clicked anyways. Now I'm sad. Going to give my mutts some extra play time tonight!


Wait a minute... not to be a black cloud here, but is there a chance the dog only wanted to eat the dead one? Dogs will often take their food out of high traffic (no pun) areas to eat in peace.


Sad stuff. I love dogs.


You know, I was reading about this on another website and apparantly scavenger dogs in Chile are a huge problem. You are most likely right that this dog was in fact trying to get something to eat.

I actually feel kind of worse now.


Yeah I think he was gonna eat the dead dog. I have never seen dogs do something like this. It is also the kind of situation where the 2nd dog wouldn't really understand the 1st one was in danger and needed to be "rescued".

Look on the bright side - that 2nd brave dog is gonna have a tasty meal!