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Video Demos of Exercises Not appearing in Articles on Device

For the past month (or so) none of the video demonstrations have been appearing in the articles.

I’m guessing this issue is something on my end?

Works for me:

What’s your browser/device?

Side note: you reminded me of when exercises libraries were gold and most of them were just two pictures of the start position and inbetween position.

Here’s the direct link if you hadn’t found it:

iPhone XR on Verizon.
Safari (google).

Thanks for the response!

They don’t come up on mine anymore either. iPhone also.

I’ve had this happen before but for the most part they almost always shows. I have a 6s and an 8 (personal and work phone) so I’m behind the times but they both work.

Shouldn’t have upgraded boys

On IPhone X here, kept bugging the hell out of me until I restarted the device and upon opening t-nation it asked me to accept cookies, which I did. ( previously I denied certain ones )
Voila, videos appear again!

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Oh great: so now you can watch exercise videos but there go your abs.

Wishful thinking!
I call an EZ bar, pull-up bar and about 80kg of plates my own, besides the used Nautilus elliptical trainer I bought off an auction :slight_smile:
Lock-down no problem here and Videos aid recovery as well a sanity…

What drove you to this comment?

It was a joke about cookies.

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That worked! I went to the bottom of the page and change my cookie preferences. The ‘marketing’ cookie has to be selected for the videos to work.