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Video: Deficit Deadlift Weakness Analysis


Hello CT,

Could you please analyze my deficit deadlift video, if you have the time?
I went for a 3RM , I did 160 kg, 170kg , 175kg.
I used them as a max effort exercise on my max effort lower body day. My training is based on westside barbell however not 100%. I use them to improve my normal deadlift, however I want to be all round strong.

Could you please give me some recommendations for special exercises or max effort variations (assistance exercises) and what my weak muscle groups are ? Maybe any technical mistakes ?
I have watched the videos many times and I think I see what happens however I don’t really know what it means … :stuck_out_tongue:

Video 1: 160kg 3 reps deficit deadlift

Video 2 : 175kg 3 reps deficit deadlift

If you need more informations or videos I can make them.