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Video Critique


Hey CT, can you please critique these two videos for me?

With the Jerk I notice that I am too slow to jerk it. With the CGMS the transition isn't very smooth. What do you think of it?


ok, here is the push jerk analysis…

  1. The starting position doesn’t look strong. You are wobbling slightly which would indicate lack of strength either in the core or upper back. You weight also seems to be on the front of your feet rather than on the heels or at least on the middle of the feet,

  2. When you dip down your knees are travelling too far forward and the hips are not moving back enough. In that position both the hips and quads are in a weak pushing position. The knees and hips should be back a few inches. The knees should be slightly behind the toes and the hips behind the heels. Your bodyweight should be on the heels at that point.

  3. Both the leg and hips drive are incomplete. The middle of the hip joint should be in line with the knee wich should be projected just behind the toes. The hip action is pretty much similar to what happens in a clean and snatch. As a result the barbell is moving in a straight line upward instead of moving up in a slight bakward arch.

  4. A good and a bad thing on the catch… the good thing is that the angles of the body during the catch (hips and knees) mimick that of the end-of-dip (image 2) phase. The bad thing is that both positions are wrong :slight_smile: Just like in picture 2, the knees and hips are too far forward. This is caused by the push which was not in the proper line and the position of the barbell overhead (too far forward). In the catch position the barbell should be behind so that from the side I could see your ears… I can see them, but on the wrong side of the bar!!! So hips back, bar back and chest/head pushed forward. If you bring the bar back, but not your hips, you will feel like you are losing balance backwards.

  5. This isn’t too bad… the barbell position overhead is pretty close to what it should be in picture 4, but it is still a tad forward.

Basically you are doing a strength jerk, using mostly upper body strength instead of using lower body power and technique to get into the proper catch position.


In the clean grip muscle snatch you are using too much weight. You should be able to pull the bar a bit higher and transition while the bar is still moving up (so the upward bar movement will actually help the transition). This is more like a power clean with a bad technique followed by a press.


Priceless analysis!

I appreciate the time you put into these responses. I will implement your critique right away. Sometimes I get caught up in chasing big weight. I need to drop it down and focus on technique. Back to the beginning!

Thanks a bunch CT!


CT, can you please critique this High Pull for me. Honestly I think I did a lot better a few days ago but here is today’s top weight nonetheless.