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Video Critique Please

This is a low budget project I’ve been working on with a friend, what do you guys think? Impressions, suggestions, general comments?

I mean, I’m not sure what kind of critique you’re looking for, it’s a 2-minute preview.

The production values look good for a low budget movie. May want to talk to Doug_Adams about it, I think he’s embedded in the film industry.

Also, you should probably get a hold of the two girls at :35 and let them know that I’m interested. They’ll know what to do from there.

That looks pretty good for low budget. Lol @ SSC’s “0:35” comment.

The bro in the trailer needs to be doing something a little more broish. Like executing an upper decker or calling one of those girls a slut, or both simultaneously.

I prefer movies where the guns talk and the chicks shut the fuck up!

Haha thanks for the responses guys, if anyones is interested the first episode is up now on youtube. Would be great to get some feedback. And yeah this was extreme low budget, we did 6 episodes for under a grand with the help of some generous actors and crew. Let me know what ya guys think!