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Video Competition


Hey guys. My club has entered a video challenge where the video with the most views on youtube wins. Our club is really underfunded and could really do with the funding the winner gets.

Despite the senior squads doing around 8-10 sessions a week and having over 100 members in our club, we currently have none of our own equipment for land training and have to rely on poorly maintained gym equipment as well as dealing with staff who get unhappy if too many rowers are in there using weights or rowing or cycling. We desperately need the money to maintain our boathouse and to buy some concept 2s and get more access to the elite weights room.

It will be greatly appreciated if anyone can watch the videos to boost the views, and if anyone has any tips on boosting views other than the standard sharing on social media that would be very useful.


Not sure why the video is not showing, I thought I just had to paste the URL in.


I have a few extra computers lying around. I may be able to download or create a bot that will click replay every 5 minutes. I could dedicate them to viewing your video if you aren't against it.


Probably should randomize the times and spoof IPs if you're going to do that. YouTube probably has some pretty good checks for this kind of stuff.


Thanks guys. I am fairly sure youtube detects views from the same IP so watching it on replay will only give it one view unfortunately, so like LoRez said it may need spoof IPs, but anything that helps is appreciated. That is why we have been sharing it as much as possible on facebook and twitter, some olympic rowers have retweeted it which is good. I really don't want something like Ultimate Frisbee to win it, given how many hours we put in and how much we need the funding.


Watched this video on mute, but with Take That's the Flood playing in the background. It was awesome.


Very briefly thought Liquidmercury was back...




Pretty good video. Too much of that one girl, but she is pretty hot, so it is ok. Does the school and alum not donate to your sport?


Ergs are the devil


Haha I am sure most people would agree with you. We get little support from the union and occasionally we get alumni donations, but very little. We got a really good 8 donated to the senior men a few years ago and other than that we have had to raise money ourselves.


My favorite part was where she was on the erg and her 'gina was coming right at the camera.


Hmmm, maybe should have used that to promote the video better, desperately need more views.




Ironwarrior dude, send it to raywilliamjohnson and see if he reviews it. Highlight what Steel nation said. Ray does like to plug good things once in awhile, who knows, if it does get reviewed it may go viral or at the very least gain a lot of views in a short while.


Could be a plan. We are having issues with one club being found buying youtube views, which is annoying to every other entries who spent time making the video and trying to increase traffic.

Thanks to all those that have watched, we have definitely had a boost of views this last week or so, hopefully it will be enough to send us into the final.