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The most spectacular thing about Arnold was his overall shape… his lines. He had mass and grace which came across so natural looking that almost nobody could be offended by it. His waist/shoulder ratio was further exaggerated by his lat sweep. Sure, his thighs weren’t as large as today’s guys, but the slimmer lower body added to his upward sweep. Plus, he posed in such a dramatic yet graceful style.

Today’s guys, though large and symmetrical, often pose in clunky, awkward positions. Their wide stance ruins the dramatic upsweep the past greats seemed to have, and their “relaxed” poses look stiff, graceless, and a bit self conscious. Arnold mastered it all. Bodybuilding is really an art where the participant needs to juggle the balance between showing his strengths and hiding his weaknesses. Arnold did this better than almost anyone. Even today, IMHO.

Thanks for this both of you. I have absolutely NO clue about bodybuilding, what proportions are regarded as good, what symmetry really is and what a “good” bodybuilder must possess in overall shape.

Whilst discussing the OP, if anyone cares to throw in some pointers for me regarding what to look for (or any bb literature re aesthetics) I’d be hugely grateful.