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Video: 'Circumcision - A Sexual Harm?'

Didn’t circumcision rates start dropping? I heard Catholics started circumcising boys so they do not jerk off so I dont know why its still a thing. Obviously muslims and jews do it for religious purposes.

Thanks for this. I’m Jewish, wife is white. We had it done for my done by a doctor for the SUPPOSSED hygienic purposes. I though it was largely unnecessary. I’m going to watch the video. Thanks for the link.

Fun fact: you can regrow a lost foreskin with the right technique and enough patience/consistency

Totally unnecessary procedure. The human body is designed a certain way for a reason.

Down with the anteaters!

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It probably is in this day and age with good hygiene, daily bathing. Back in ye olden times various infections were quite common and circumcision prevented most of them. Even today the scientists say in Africa, rates of HIV infection are lower in circumcised men, than uncircumcised.

I come from a time when the overwhelming majority of boy babies, 90-95% in my country got circumcised. Now days doctors don’t seem to do it except for religious or medical reasons.

I did have a friend that got an issue, around 4 or 5yo. Apparently he wasn’t circumcised at birth and his foreskin was sticking or growing so it stopped him from being able to take a piss. He got circumcised, problem solved.


Depends on who you ask. If its heterosexual men who have been circumcised, their rates are lower, when having sex with HIV positive women. Apparently there is no significant difference in the rates with circumcision and homosexuality. Not necessarily a myth, but inconclusive either way in the broader scheme of things.