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Video Camera/Camcorder?

I am looking into purchasing a video camera/camcorder to video tape some of my lifts and get a good idea of how my form stands. I know some of you guys post online some of your lifts here, so I know a few of you are familiar with this. What would you guys recommend I get in terms of video cameras/camcorders? My price range would be between 0-300$. Can I get something half way decent for this?



You can definitely get something decent for that price range. I got my Sony miniDV camcorder about 5-6 years ago (cost well over a grand at the time), and the quality is amazing, you can just toss anything on your computer and mess with it, and you can always just run a wire to a tv and show your clips to someone straight from the camera.


Just ordered these:

Excited to get these.