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Vid of Me Trying Wall Squats

Been working on mobility a lot I really struggle to even wall squat, could you look at this video and try see what I am doing wrong?

@high contrast.

Your main problem which I have seen many do is that they do not push their knees out. If you push your knees outwards and shoot up, you will notice that it is easier to power out.

Also when watching your video, you slightly fall forwards which is a no-no and will definitely ensure you a one way ticket to “snap-city”. Because your bum goes back but your chest isn’t pumped out.

  1. Set yourself in a comfortable position.
  2. Look slightly up and focus on a spot.
  3. pump you chest out and try and go down to parallel.
  4. push your knees outwards and power out.
  5. Repeat again and again and again and again.

Box Squats would definitely be a good start to aid going down. Remember box squat will eventually lead to the ideal “ass to grass” squats. The lower you go, the more you will work the muscles. But this is for the future, in your case, interpret the above actions into the motion. tell me how it goes.