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Vid of Couture Training


In honor of his retirement.

Now my real motivation for posting this. Any of you able to tell me how one could save this video to his hard drive?


Thanks for posting this...pretty impressive stuff. Guy has awesome stamina, those exercises he was doing with the barbell were one right after another without rest, that's hard to do, especially if you've been grappling/wrestling for 2-3 hours before that.

I just wish Couture had been more aggressive in the fight against Liddell. I know he had to respect his punching power, but his timidness hurt him..because as you saw in the video Couture's gameplan is to throw a jab and then follow right up with a shoot. He didn't do much of that the last 2 times against Liddell b/c he was thinking too much about Chuck's hands and it cost him.