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Vid: Henry Thomason 1003 Walkout Sqt


Henry Thomason (308) competed on Saturday, October 2nd at the NASA East Tx Regionals in Tyler, TX.
Henry managed a 1003 squat,benched 661 (missed 705) and deadlifted 639 for the All-Time NASA Total Record for All Weight Classes (2303 @ 308). In addition, Henry secured NASA 1# spot for Outstanding Lifter Coefficient NASA Top 100 in All Weight Classes (beating out Mike Ewoldsen KS). Henry has moved up to #3 on Powerlifting Watch lifter rankings.






awesome, yes. but needs more deadlift.


I live in Tyler but did not hear of this. Wish I could have been there.


Do the powerlifters train anything else but the squat nowadays...


Yeah but multiply suits and tight wraps don't help much on the deadlift.


He should compete in the IPF worlds.

1025kg is a competitive total.


No. "The powerlifters" don't train anything other than squat. There is a large movement going on now to just declare the squat the only movement in powerlifting competitions. And there is no longer a weigh-in. Your class is determined by how many sleeves of oreos you can eat in a single session or within an hour, whichever is shorter.


Your class is determined by how many sleeves of oreos you can eat in a single session or within an hour, whichever is shorter.

double stuff of course


now since its halloween, its with the orange stuffing




very true, however nasa is a single ply organization that only allows 2meter knee wraps. even without gear a lot of larger lifters however are able to get more out of their squat than their deadlift. take for instance robert wilkerson, 975 raw(with wraps) squat but only a 600 pound deadlift.


Single ply, 1000lb squats make my balls tingle.


That might be from the oreo's.


They're fortified with beta alanine these days? What brand is this!?


I didn't mean to take away from his squat in my earlier post. 1000lbs is a lot of weight that would crush me. However, I do hate to see a guys squat be so high and his benchpress higher than his deadlift. A high squat is fine but a 3-400lb difference is too much in my opinion. A lot of the time it is coming down to improvements in suits and wraps rather than strength gains.


Damn.. I can never compete again. I am allergic towards that substance. Perhaps I need to start my own federation. And of course, the only lift we should compete in would be the squat. Haha!


Magnus Ã?nnerud from Sweden is famous for his extra weight he gets from the single ply gear. He gets 120kg extra at most. Squatted 391kg when his best non-suited max was 270. :slightly_smiling: