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Vid: Girl's 495 Squat


This is hurting my brain.

I'm so confused by this video. This chick is squatting 495 for reps and it doesn't even look like that dude is helping much. Discuss.

Instagram Gracyanne Barbosa on Instagram: “#treinoanimal by @xandenegao agachamento 4x8 #projetogracyanne #focoesaude #teamradar #hardcoreladies #hardcore #fit #fitness #corpoemforma…”






Gracyanne Barbosa - enjoy...


I posit he is assisting by lifting her up with his erect penis.

Or at least that's what I would be doing in that position.


You'd want some rock hard penis to support that kind of weight or even to penetrate past those iron cheeks of hers - fuck it you'd need supermans knob to do the job


Lol. If any of you think that is real, you've never had 5 plates on a bar before.


Pretty sure that ass is real.

You think its an implant?


I'd like to think dat ass is 100% natty. Dem Brazilian genetics.


Plus I am thinking those plates are probably 25's or maybe 10's.

Would drop a few bucks to see her do that all without the clothes on :slightly_smiling:


I doubt that's 495 but don't doubt that ass is real. I know from experience squatting properly helps you get that nice ass. Wish more women would squat beats waiting on the bros to finish their half ass squats.


Not to mention that's world record weight for a chick to squat raw (according to powerliftingwatch and the IPF website, anyways).


the plates are metal looking
the paint is chipped on the plates and the y look really real (yes, really real)
the bar is slightly bent (as you would expect with 495)

...but this is the record?

she doesn't even look like she is holding air in her torso?

but the bar path is sooo straight

....WTF is GOING ON HERE!!!?!?....we need our best people on this one


Watch the other video all is explained.


reminds me of this.....


I don't care if she's wearing clothes, that 10 minute vid is pretty much porn(and this is not a complaint).


seems legit


Not nearly bent enough. Watch what happens to a bar that is actually loaded with 495 when you lock it out. Even a bar without much whip will have weight bobbling. The plates could be metal and chipped or whatever, but I can promise you they don't weigh 45lbs lol.


actually had an argument with a brazilian stripper about this last weekend


Agreed look at the picture above this post, look at the plate on the left.

That is not a full plate, its cored out.