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Vid Critique Please


I'm 90-94 kg, haven't weighed myself in a long time. This is my first attempt at adding a jerk to my clean. I've been squat cleaning for a few weeks now. Weight is ~102 (225 lbs). Obviously my jerk is terrible, but I'd like to know overall how this looks. Thanks in advance guys.

Also, I managed to get ~111(245) over my head and to lockout, but I definitely extended near the top, so it wouldn't have counted based on my limited knowledge.



The power is good, as is the rhythm.

1)Don't pull straight.
2) Start the bar over the bse of your big toe. (you're too close.)
3) Set Position should be: a)shoulders vertically over bar, b)arms descend by outsides of knee joints, c)weight should be on the forefeet at Set d) your hips will be slightly higher due to this Set position.

You might try looking at Pendlay's forum and vids. and I have 3 vids. on youtube that might help: Rock and Roll-Don McCauley, The Dirty Dancing Drill-Don McCauley and Sweep the olympic lifts-Don McCauley.

Good luck.



Thanks coach, I've watched Pendlay's vids, but I'll check yours out before I ask more questions.


Like Coach MC said, work on how you lock into the bar before lifting and don't pull straight. It looks like you're picking the bar up with your back versus pushing the ground down with your legs. This prevents your knees from getting back and allowing proper bar path and increased acceleration as a result.
Also, with your squat it almost looks like youre racing the bar to the bottom. You should take the bar when i reaches it's highest point and deccelerate it into the hole and the come out of the hole as aggressively as possible. This allows you to use the flex in the bar to overcome the mechanical disadvantage youre put in in the bottom of the squat. Also dropping too quickly and your center of gravity becoming disconnected from the bar's can lead to some injury in the knees, groin and back... Think Wille Coyote waiting to be hit by a boulder.
Like you said jerk could be cleaned up some, again think of using flex in the bar by using more legs.
That all being said... You made it look like a light weight for you, not alot of guys walking around who can clean and jerk 100k + and make it look easy, congrats on that. Enjoy the process of trying to perfect your technique and good luck.


1 makes a lot more sense after watching the vids, thanks. I think it's going to take some work for me to get over the tendency to pull with my upper body, but I think I have a better idea of it now. What you described is actually more of a natural DL position for me anyway, so I think I should be able to pick that up. I'll try to get another vid up soon.


Thanks for the input. I'm going to have really concentrate on not racing the bar down like you said. My front squat is significantly higher than this, so I'm cavalier at this weight I think. Thanks again, I love olympic lifting and I really enjoy doing the lifts.


No problem. It's tough especially when you've got the base of strength you have. Sometimes it can feel nit-picky to be so concerned about tech, but it's all about efficiency and keepin yourself healthy so you'll be able to continue training so you can fully utilize your strength and power in your oly lifts.