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Victoria's Secret Fashion Show


Is on in half an hour on CBS and none of you has mentioned a thing about it.

You should all be ashamed.


I accept my shame.

...now I will turn on CBS


Those chicks (read: genetic freaks) are beautiful no doubt, but just not curvy enough to get me to tune in


Agreed. I've never understood the fascination of super models (other than their perfect symmetry in the face), they look uncapable of bearing my children :slight_smile:


I have a friend attending the show. This is the friend who I know from visual confirmation wears lacy thongs from victoria's secret. I can't tell you how many boners I got all through high school thanks to this girl.


Marissa Miller is pretty curvy and so is Brooklyn Decker, although I'm not sure if she does V. Secrets.




lingerie models and supermodels are diff... i think the v. secret models are curvier than say... kate moss






Would rather watch NFL cheerleaders.



With so much porn on the Internet now, if these models aren't getting slapped in the face with at least three cocks, while simultaneously taking on a dog, a bear and a muskrat in a very public place (like Tiananmen Square or in front of the Lincoln Memorial) I'm just not interested in it.


Fuck that,I rather watch borderline stuff on motherless.


you're all gayer than cum on a mustache, fuck you all, get bent.

wormwood out.


While you were watching these scantily-clad women strut down the walkway in lingerie, I was watching three chicks get it on with each other.


Porn girl-girl hasn't been the same since Janine started doing guys. She was the best rug muncher ever.


Yeah, I was never really into Janine Garafolo. She's not even that funny either.


I like your style DBCooper.