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Victoria, BC Police Brutality


I seriously hope this fucker goes to prison for this shit.


What the fuck was that dickheads problem?

Did you film this? I hope he goes to prison too, or at the very least loses his job and gets fined.


Just found it this morning in msn videos at the bottom of messenger.
I didn't film it, but people in BC stand up for their rights a lot more than other provinces, cough Manitoba cough, so I see this being made into a very big deal, which it is, and not just being pushed to the wayside.


Thats pretty tame.


I don't see anything wrong with it. It's a police officer applying force to someone who isn't cooperating.


What fucking video were you watching?

I have an idea, have one of your buddys hold someone down while you soccer kick the guy.
Let me know how your aggravated assault charges turn out.


To me it looked like the dude was trying to cooperate. He went straight to the ground when the PO told him to.


shit like that really pissed me off


News story + Victoria Police Chief's reaction: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Qf9cTO1wrY

It's unfortunate that this only shows one side of the story (doesn't show what led up the events portrayed in the video). I'm sure the officers have to be more forceful at these times since people are intoxicated, but this was a bit over the line (based on the video).


Here's an article from the Victoria newspaper:


I live in Victoria. From what I understand, there was a group of 6 guys that were just wandering around downtown for about an hour starting fights. I'm pretty sure a few people were even jumped, and so I'm sure the police officers were just sick of dealing with their shit. Plus, once that guy got on the ground he was definitely resisting. He was trying to keep his hands from going behind his back so they can cuff him, so I personally don't feel like this was too harsh at all...maybe the kick in the head, but considering the police arrived to an unconscious man lying on the sidewalk being kicked in the head, as well as to an additional person puking (who knows, it could have just been due to too much booze, but could have also been caused by fighting) I don't have any issues with the way things are handled.


WTF. I can see how someone can justify this as police just trying to subdue a criminal, but the first guy was on the fucking ground pretty much incapable of hurting someone. The second guy went straight to the ground but showed a little restraint. BIG FUCKING DEAL.

The problem here is, Police officers should know that it's part of their job to do whatever they can to subdue someone without causing unnecessary harm. WTF is wrong with this Dbag? Sure the second guy did try to resist but as POs, they should be used to this shit and handled it more appropriately.

This shit is ridiculous.


None of what that officer did is acceptable. Regardless of what the men they were arresting were accused of doing previously no police officer has the right to do something like that when it is clear there is no immediate danger. Force is permitted to the minimum extent necessary to effect an arrest. When the second individual complies with the officer's orders to get on the ground (something he doesn't have to do in the first place) and then is kicked by the second police officer in yellow (whose sole job seems to be kicking) he has been made a victim of police brutality.

Also the idea that violence of that nature is excusable because the police officers were "sick of dealing with their shit" is not an excuse in any rational way. What that video portrays is assault, likely aggravated assault from the sounds when the officer was kicking.

If action is not taken to show police officers that this sort of conduct is unacceptable it will become commonplace and the actions of many good, honest, hardworking police officers will be overshadowed by these sorts of imbeciles. It is also worth noting that the character of the individuals being arrested is of little relevance. They were probably idiots themselves but if police are allowed to use that level of force to arrest a non-resisting citizen the next person it happens to may be a complete innocent. The whole situation is sickening and the officer in yellow deserves to be charged criminally, his actions were criminal and no one is above the law.


ive actually been on the receiving end of "police brutality" and i think it was worst than in this video, because i wasn't resisting, i was already in handcuffs, and i was already in the police car when the beat the crap out of me.


Haha, that guy in the yellow jacket just loves kicking people apparently...what an idiot.


First, I'm pretty sure in that situation if an officer asks you to get on the ground...you pretty much have to get on the ground, or else you're resisting arrest. The police officer very clearly tells him to put his hands behind his back, to which no response is seen or heard. What is he supposed to do then, just let the man go because he won't put his hands behind his back? Force was necessary to get the dude to comply. A kick in the ribs seems like a good way to do that, what else can the guy do? The other officer is already struggling to get the mans hands behind his back, and no one else to help. The suspect was subdued, and surely with little more than a bruised side.

These guys had just finished kicking an unconscious man multiple times, and you expect them to just politely ask them to cease and desist? Get real.


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From what I saw the other officers were fine in the way they handled it. Yeah that second guy sat down right away, but he didn't put his hands behind his back or follow instructions right away after that. Probably due to intoxication but the officers have a few things to consider. 1)How many people are involved? 2) How many officers are on scene? 3)How contained is the situation? 4)How to best ensure that the perpertrators are given zero chance to escalate the situation.

From the looks of things there were several people invovled, three or four officers, and the situation was spread across a city street. Also, the reason why officers shout the same instructions over and over again while using force (i.e. pulling arms back to handcuff before the guy does it voluntarily) is to prevent some drunk from suddenly deciding he wants to fight.

Now, the guy in yellow...man I don't know what planet he's from. I could maybe see giving a knee to the back of a guy as you're taking him to the ground if he's resisting. But running up to people on the ground and full on kicking them? Someone has a God complex. Dude's definitely going to be in some hot water.


Kicks to the body and knees to the spine aren't acceptable levels of force. Suppose someone was made paraplegic? a kick landing on someone's liver or kidney? Thats death mate.

There's no reason he couldn't use his hands, 2>1.

Beating people into submission SHOULD only happen in MMA. Police are the last people that SHOULD be behaving like this. I emphasized the should b/c obviously thats not reality, but what should be strived for.

Police are supposed to be examples of proper behavior, thats why they get shit on hard when situations like this occur. If a citizen did that to someone to 'make them comply', they would be charged with ag-assault, there's no reason for it. Thats the bottom line.


Cops have to deal with a lot of bullshit so I'll give them the benifite of the doubt.

Obviously that level of force is unacceptable and there are going to be consequences, but I can definitely understand the mentality of a cop booting some drunk idiots after dealing with their BS all night.



Honestly I am not sure where you are from and make no claim to know international laws. I do however know that, in Canada, you are not forced to comply with the wishes of an officer until he informs you that you are under arrest. When the officer said get on the ground the man was well within his rights (in Canada) to ask if he was under arrest, if he was not told he was under arrest he is free to leave, or otherwise ignore the police officer. Also if you watch the video both officers are forcing the suspect into the ground, pinning the arm they want him to move. At that point it is impossible for him to comply and they continue to beat him, in much the same way that a large child hits a small child with its own fist and says stop hitting yourself. As far as the get real portion of your comment I hope that one day you experience being on the other side of a police officer who is being unreasonable and it makes you realize that there is a reason they should be held accountable for their actions.