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Victor Richards


I came across this video a few minutes ago when Kai mentioned him in an interview. I had no idea who he was.

hmm "what if he competed?"


Dude was a monster.


I am shocked by "I didn't know who he was"...after years of making sure people knew who he was.


what? There are lots of people I have no clue about. Is that a crime?


he looks great... although his chest is smaller than RV's lol


It may not be a crime....but dude, how many threads have their been?

I'm glad you NOW know about him....but someone who was as big as Ronnie Coleman way before Ronnie was even as big as Ronnie Coleman is someone most bodybuilders should know about.

The man is still kicking and still huge. He is about the same age as Ronnie.


Vic is(was) the man.



That took like two seconds.



Also, this thread probably covers most top bodybuilders...


I get what you're saying.

But I do not follow bodybuilding and up to a few months ago I didnt know who Kevin Levrone was either. There are very few bodybuilders I can recognize. I see bodybuilding the same as I see wrestling, there are way too many guys to keep track of. So, to not become a stat boy or get overwhelemed, I choose not to keep tabs on anyone.


Really?! Wow, I mean, I know most people don't follow the actual sport side of bodybuilding, but Levrone's a legend, still considered by many as one of the best physiques to never win the Olympia. In fact, you'll still find a lot of discussions online and in magazines about him many years after retiring. Vic Richards is one of those bodybuilders who has achieved almost an urban legend status. People will always be wondering how he would have done on the Olympia stage, but because he chose not to compete, it's all just a what-if game.



Agreed. It is like not knowing who Flex Wheeler is. Some of these guys you pretty much need to know in order to discuss this activity in depth at all.

Ignoring all of them is what people do when they don't plan on making much progress.


That is why I never got into learning names. There's the fear of learning too much about people and not how to train.



I can't relate.

I know what Mike Mattarrazzo thought about training and eating.

I know how Flex Wheeler carb loaded for contests.

I know that Kevin dropped weight and avoided steroids in the off season every year.

These little facts help get a rounded view of all of this shit....and they keep you from falling for every "new" training idea that is really rehashed material from 1986.

Knowledge is power....and honestly, if you are really serious about this, you will need to know who many of these guys are.

If you aren't that serious, than don't worry about it.




Are you serious with this? You made a thread a couple years back where you couldn't name the mandatory poses in a bodybuilding contest. Now your calling someone out because they aren't familiar with certain bodybuilders of the past? People in glass houses shouldn't cast the first stone.


Also you claimed you didn't even know what a deadlift was for years until you came to this site, and now your adding them into your routine on a recommendation from CT. It's because of posts like your last one that people can't wait to grill you whenever you make an honest mistake. For the record i knew who both guys were long before this thread.


I didn't call anyone out, always knew what a deadlift was and stated I trained with them initially but quit using them, and that thread you linked is me saying I never PRACTICED the poses, not that I didn't know what they are.


X hate fail


I guess we have different views. I'm not going to let you tell me I'm not serious about my goals and what I want for my life again though.

I have a partially torn achilles tendon and am currently training twice a day. I'm dropping percocet pre workout to get through them.....but you say because I dont know what some dude from ten or twenty years ago did I'm not serious?

You must be joking.

Anyway man, I have never cared throughout my entire athletic career about what some other guy was doing...or who he was when he played. I do not have any idols related to this gym shit either.


Ahh damn a clusterfuck brews

I'm out

Sorry folks.....