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Victor Martinez Talks about 2010 Olympia


Pretty good video, check it out.


This years Olympia was stacked. Any of 10 guys could have placed top 5. I thought Vic did pretty good not falling outside the top 10 looking a little soft.


Cool Video! This gonna sound retarded since it was mostly Vic training legs but Damn he has some nice arms lol!


Nice video.
Here is a nice Victor tribute with some footage from the video you posted.


The guy truly has one of the best natural shapes out there, and as much as I've heard rumors about his lazy training (he used to train in my neck of the woods, so everyone's heard various 'tales'), you don't reach the level he has without busting your ass more than most, even if you're the most genetically gifted athlete out there.

Yes, the Olympia has gotten more stacked each and every year, but this guy has been through some serious shit the past couple of years. While I'd love to see Vic come in and do well, I have no issue with his placing this past Mr. O.



Vic has always been one of my favorites.

I've read in these forums people say he trains like a retard.

We should all get such results from his retarded, lazy training methods.


Are you saying that Vic is natural?


Good video

I've been really hoping there would some kind of Kai Greene interview post-Olympia as well.


Just in case you're being serious: he means Vic has one of the best frames out of all the O competitors.


Im convinced he wont use the amount of drugs needed to get as lean as he needs to be compared to the rest. Not a criticism or praise at all, just my opinion


I agree. Not because I am a Vic Martinez ball licker but his conditioning just never had that freaky "disgusting" look.

I was watching the Olympia with my girl and she noted that Vic looked normal and not scary like the rest although she knew nothing about him.


...100% man.


Thanks xb-c for posting my video!