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Victor Martinez Coming to Town


Got an e-mail informing me he's coming to my town.A local nutrition store is having him as a promotion I guess.Can anyone tell me what happens at one of these? I mean do you just walk up and say hi and get an autograph and move away? Do they speak about themselves and their training or just stand around shoot the shit.I want to go just don't know what to expect.Any thoughts? Thanks.


You walk in, ask questions, they talk, you take pics, then you let him go eat for the 100th time that day.

Honestly, just take pics and enjoy the experience. I doubt most people actually see guys this big in person so it definitely gives you perspective about where you are.


Take a pic and post it if you are able.


I went to the the Olympia a couple years ago and the pro's made me feel like I had never picked up a weight in my life...Gary Strydom was there and his arms looked like they were three times bigger then mine, which is impossible, but it sure looked like it...

When you take the picture try to stand a foot in front of him and flex...You might not look as little...


Thanks for the response guys.I'm going to drag my wife in there with me to get a pic if I can.She dosen't lift but is kinda curious.Like most people she dosen't understand why you would want to get that "big" however she dosen't think it's stupid or icky either.I try to explain to her a little vanity never hurt anyone.

This is a rare chance to meet someone who is one of the best in the world at their chosen profession.My boss better let me leave work early for this lol.


Very true, i meet Branch Warren two weeks ago and thats exactly what happened... I got perspective. It let me know how big a pro bodybuilder at my height can get. It was awesome! I meet Dennis Wolf before put he is like 6 foot so that didn't really help me grasp how big a pro bodybuilder is at my height.

Op, usually you walk up, shake his hand, get a photograph signed by him (he has loads of photos in front of him) and then pose for a pic (have a buddy with you to take the pic)