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Vick Signs with Eagles!


Now I hate the eagles even more....McNabb must be pissed!


Where did you get this from?


watching the monday night pre-season game on ESPN they just reported it.


Matt Ryan all the way!!!! Much better than Vick! HaHa superbowl here we come!! We already got the hotel ready with the pillows fluffed!


lol losers.


He's right. It is confirmed.


I am an Eagles fan and I have tried to make my love for pitbulls well known.

I am not happy about this. He doesn't deserve a second chance, he needs to earn it and he needs to go earn it with another team.

What the hell was Joe thinking?

This is my girlfriend and our dog in their eagles attire. The caption for this photo was "Cheering on our team". I actually have to laugh at myself right now. I am a pitbull loving eagles fan. What a mess.


Is he going to play offensive line? Holy fuck talk about waiting in the weeds...I don't remember reading anything saying they were intrested in him.


hes gonna be the special "wildcat" qb, I dont really understand the move. Im animal lover to , have three dogs of my own and swore if the Jets (my team) signed him I would become a Dolphins fan.


Hahaha.... wow I can't believe we got him.


Freaking awesome.
I felt the Eagles didn't do themselves justice last season. This might just give them a kick in the hole


Whatever, Vick did his time. He did 2 years in jail and he certainly should have. He seems like a scumbag punk. But there's a lot of scumbag punks out in the world and he did his time. He doesn't DESERVE second chance but he is a freakish athletic talent and he will continue to get the second chances.

However, what seems a little silly to me is how outraged many people are about Vick while not saying anything about Stallworth. Vick got 2 years for killing dogs while Donte Stallworth got like 30 days for killing a person. Dogs are great but I value the lives of people more.


There is a tremendous amount of outrage over the STallworth situation. Stallworth certainly did not get what he deserved but he did settle with the family, who made the decision to settle.

ALso while what Stallworth did was horrible the intent to kill wasnt there, what vick did show such callousness towards life of any kind, such lack of a soul to electricute, drown and torture an animal who quite simply is helpless and devoted to its owner. I really dont think you could compare the two. Of course I value a humans life over a dog, but I certainly value a dogs life a great deal as well.


good for him, we have killers in prison that does't get that much time. and all he did was kill a bunch a f*cking dogs.


few other teams deserved him, he'll fit right in with that stadium and their fans


wow, pretty heartless.


I can't agree more with some of your points. Problem is I feel you are comparing apples to oranges here. Even us dog lunatics will admit that we "get along" better with animals than we do with people. It doesn't mean that we value the life of an animal more than that of a human. That is saved for wacko peta types who view animals lives equal to humans. I believe that humans are superior to animals however we must use that power with responsiblity.

Stallworth did a horrible thing and I really think he knows that. At least that's what I get from his words on the situation. On one night he made a stupid decision and that cost an innocent man his life. Stallworth has to live with that fact until the day he dies. But that was one night. What vick did took place over many years and wasn't just an isolated incident but a series of behaviors and a way of life. Plus I think Vick is completely insincere about his apology. He is just some scumbag trying to get his ass back into the game of football so he can make a lot of money.


you girl look 16 years old.


Vick is talented man. You can argue about that shit till you turn blue but he's probably one of the most talented QBs in the game right now, maybe ever.

Plus, I like animals and used to have dogs myself. But he was fighting FIGHTING DOGS. I wouldn't have a problem at all with that except that he killed the dogs. If he hadn't, it wouldn't have been any different than racing horses and shit.

He did his time and it's not like he killed a human being like Stalworth did. And how come that shit doesn't get much airtime like Vick's case? Cause as sad as it is, some bitches(PETA) care more about fuckin animals(which from the beginning of time were hunted for FOOD by humans)than humans! I forgot who said this but it's quite true. "If people see a homeless person on the street with a dog, they're gonna feel sorry for the dog. They'll take the dog home with them and give dirty looks to the homeless guy". Oh yeah, Chris Rock said that shit. Funniest Man in the world.


Probably because the homeless guy has the ability to make himself better. Like get a job, get off the sauce or in the most sad cases which are the only ones I understand, get on his meds. Many people may not know this but many homeless are seriously mentally ill people who need real help. So Chris rock is right, I would take the dog home but not because I don't care for the person. I just realize that there is nothing I could do to help him.


1) he most certainly did his time and people need to get off his back a little bit and let him redeem himself.
2) as to valuing people more, id say i value my dogs life over a strangers life that i dont know, just throwing it out there