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Vicious Abdominal Cramps Working Core


I'm generally prone to cramps even though I consume a lot of water, but there's something about working my abs that can bring on a level 5 nuclear cramp. I had to push one down today, and I don't even think I made it more than 2 minutes into my workout -- which honestly isn't that strenuous. Just some no weight crunches and leg lifts.

Any stretches I can try, or maybe add something to my diet? Is it maybe because I'm an ab newbie and need to build the core strength a little more?


It’s because you’re an ab newbie. If I take a significant amount of time off from training abs, I always get cramps the first few times back. (And you’re correct, they hurt like a sumbitch.) Stick with it.


I think you’re right. Each workout has been getting longer without a cramp, and yesterday was the first cramp free. I also read about eating mustard beforehand because it has some magical ability to prevent/heal cramps. It could be the mustard, or maybe just the muscles getting used to the workout but its much better now.