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Vices and Indulging


I know most of us here are pretty dedicated to what we do and do as much as possible to train as hard as possible and eat cleanly and avoid the many temptations of life. But I know we still are people and have vices and certain choices when we choose to indulge.

personally im a fan of the hops and barley mixture budweiser being my favorite. But even more than that I prefer the distilled spirits, mainly sour mash on the rocks.

and also I prefer to have a nice dip a few times a day. Skoal orginal finecut is my choice.

so what about you all, what do you all prefer to indulge in when you choose to let loose and throw the diet out the window and live it up?


I like a good beer/jack or two probably once a week. And I have a dangerous addiction to Mt. Dew, which is probably one of the worst things I can do, but nobody's perfect.


"Noise, noise, noise."


What's that we used to eat back in the day? Oh yeah.....



I drink microbrew. When I got into drinking, my friend, taught me the taste for good beer. AKA beer snob.

Rogue - Dead Guy Ale

Awesome stuff.


Make that two beer snobs checking in... If I can't read through it, chances are I love it. Also love Maker's Mark...straight....rocks....in diet something. Then there's wine. I became a wine habitue last year and fell in love with Sauterns, Viogniers and Pinot Noirs from the central coast. The thought of merlot makes me twist now....

One of the best things about getting my diet in line is that I cut daily consumption to bi-weekly. That frees up the budget, makes the occasional indulgence sooo much sweeter and lowers my tolerance and makes me a cheap drunk! lol


my main vice used to be beer. Fat Tire mainly. Love that stuff. But since I quit drinkin' I'd have to say the worst vice is pop...I tell myself at least it's diet but it's still bad. Just love the stuff.


I like beer. Don't care too much what kind. Beer's beer. I'm not too picky. For a non-top of the line, I like Yuengling Lager-a local Philly beer, but it is expanding. Corona's great at the pool or beach. I still drink 1 night a week. Hasn't hurt putting on mass when then is the goal or leaning out when that is the goal. If it did/if it starts too, I will cut down.


When I do grab the beer instead of the wine, which is my vice of choice in my post-education years, Dead Guy Ale is my favorite. Another good one, though not as widely available, is Arrogant Bastard Ale, brewed by Stone Brewery in Carlsbad, CA.

If you're going to drink light beer, Sam Adams Light is the best-tasting light around (though it also has 11g of carbs per bottle -- probably some sort of correlation there...).


Ha! My rule is if I can see through it, I don't want it.


Bailey's irish creme on the rocks
Hot fudge sundae
grandma's snicker doodles


Also good vices, even if I haven't had Grandma's snicker doodles. Snicker Doodles do a tummy good!

Also has anyone had DQ's Smore's Galore. OMG!!!


LOL I debated whether to use the positive (as you have) or the negative of that statement. Bottom line is clear beer sucks! :wink:


Beer, wine, hard liquor, ice cream, cheesecake, pizza, easy women - they are all good. As long as you're not dieting down for a competition anything in moderation is OK.


When my buddies and I go up on the Rubicon Trail, they all drink Coors Light and I'm drinking bottled Sierra Nevada. They drink like 20-30 throughout a day, while I only need aboout 6-10 and I'm sure I have a better, more quality buzz than they do. You can't even pound clear beer...it seems to foam up too fast.


Another beer snob here as well. Won't even mention one, because i don't have a favorite. I have a ton of favorites depending on the mood. I could talk hours on the subject of beer.

I also do a little homebrewing.


Chocolate frosted donuts and Sour Patch Kids.

I love the "kids" so much, I should register with the local police.


Superman t-shirts and women are my indulgences. I don't drink anymore so that's what I spend all my hard earned money on


Hot curries, Ales, and overly large helpings of cheesecake.

I just cant help myself.. If someone has a curry, I'm right there with them. Then I need the beer to go with the curry... and then I get a cig on with the beer and end up making a night of it - eventually beer-snacking on cheesecake later on in the night.

Thank god I only do that about once a month though. :smiley:

begins drooling at the thought of Lamb or Chicken Madrass with onion bahji's, bombay potatos, naan bread and addition meat to beef it up a bit


Bourbon - preferably Gentleman Jack, or Makers Mark. Especially when the kids are gone for a week and it's me and Jana home alone. Lot's of bourbon.