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Vic Richards was a Beast


This guy was an absolute beast and has been (and will continue to be) a huge inspiration for me. Watch the video.


Beastly fella indeed!

Thanks for sharing that = )


I agree the guy is very impressive. Kind of weird considering he already had an awesome physique yet stopped competing because he didn't think he was good enough yet.


What a weapon. I particularly liked the headphones he was wearing in that video.


He works out in my gym when he's not traveling. My buddy and I BS'd with him a few times. He seems like a pretty cool guy.


I heard he got raped by Chris Cormier and molested by Nasser (1st and 3rd stories).



Huge fucking neck.


What the fuck dude? Vic was rumored to be gay and Cormier was also, or gay for pay, but that shit you posted was muscle-worship jerkoff literature. Must be your thing.


Ya right. It was on topic!


I really like Vic's philosophy. Doing it for himself (not money or fame). That's a real artist.

He also has a charming, disarming manner which goes in the face of anyone who thinks every bodybuilder is on a roid rage.


He stopped competing because he thought it was all politics...which it largely was back then. He has a solid education and never did it for competition anyway. I always liked his outlook because someone with that attitude will last far longer than someone doing it JUST to jum,p on stage all of the time. He is also still fucking huge at over the age of 40 which is impressive no matter how you look at it.


he reminds me of Arnold, I am in heaven!


There's a good series of videos on YouTube called "Olympians" from a documentary (of the same name, I guess). It features Vic Richards, with commentary by Tom Platz: