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Vic Richards From 16-18




16 again






present day


for good measure. battle with ronnie coleman


Life just isnt fair....

What a freak. What was really amazing about Vics physique was the time in which he was doing it. That virtual posedown really shows you why Ronnie was THE man though, he can outshine a guy like vic no problem (at least in those 2 photos)


Vic always seemed to be a little smooth, especially looking at the comparison photo. Vic looks like in pure thickness he has Ronnie but Ronnie is way more lean. Maybe it was just a different time in body building.


Life is not fair, looks so thick for someone so young


actually IIRC it's cos Vic didn't believe in dieting down heavily


How the fuck... Seriously.


Dude was a beast @ 16 for christ sake... Good shit


I think this quote sums up Vic Richards:

"The most awesome creature to walk the face of Venice beach." -- Tom Platz

I saw a video of Vic at a FIBO event with Dorian Yates, and frankly the only thing Yates had over him was his excellent conditioning. But Richards wasn't really interested in competing anyway. And he'll probably be remembered longer for what he could've done than some people will be for what they did do.


Personally, I like Vic's lines better than Ronnie's. If Vic was in ripped condition, I'd give the trophy to Vic.


Not to mention that there is a 12 year difference there. There would have definitely been improvements in drugs/protocols in that time frame.

I wonder if vic even had access to HG/insulin back in '93?


a bodybuilding prodigy, if ever there was one


Amazing genetics... Look at his 'now' pic though he looks fucking awesome!!!! Minus the fact that it looks like he got punched in the eye.


Did he ever explain why?


Peas and Carrots?


Wait....did Mr. Butt test him?

He looks to be way past his Butt Limit at the age of 18 and we just can't have that now can we?

This guy was a freak since he could walk. He was weighing over 300lbs of solid muscle before anyone else even had that as a goal.

He looks "smooth" because he never dieted down for a competition past the age of maybe 21. He hated dieting for comps and thought they were pointless.

I tend to agree. He lifted weights because he loved it...and he loved being fucking huge. Jumping on stage doesn't make him any more or less a "BODYBUILDER"....even though some here would truly be dumb enough to argue that he wasn't since he avoided competition as a rule.