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Vibrating Workout


don’t know if this has been shown before but all i can say is… nope, speechless

I tried one at the “Building the Efficient Athlete Seminar.”

The general consensus was that it didn’t seem to do a damn thing.

But it did dislodge a turd that had been stuck in me for a while…not while I was on the device though. That would have made for a good time.


if you look around for the scientific research section, there is a study that claims that in 20something females, for the first 3 weeks, it is just as effective as “moderate intensity” leg extensions. ooooo

[quote]Matgic wrote:
I tried one at the “Building the Efficient Athlete Seminar.”

Hey I just bought that DVD today. Can’t wait to get it!

Anyway, this line in the sales pitch made me laugh:

“One of the most popular stops at Raiders Camp”

The jury is still out on if they are effective or not. Some studies seem to indicate that they are and some seem to indicate that they are not. And as with everything, there is the question of how to use them most effectively. If you are interested look at some of the studies Carmelo Bosco did.I think they are posted on the nemes(sp) website.

my jewish roommate thinks it’s a cool idea, and he’s a strength coach for the bulls and a d-1 school, so i would have to beleive there’s some merit to it.

Someday, somewhere, someone on this site is going to post that thing again…being featured in a porn.

Other than that, I could only see it being useful for getting a mechanical massage, for a BIG pricetag. Put it in my basement, so I can set my PWO drinks on it.

If you do the research, most of the studies are conducted by or with the companies that are selling/manufacturing the plates. The references to NASA are not valid as they really have not conducted any true tests. The references to the Russians have no reference to studies and such.

You have to remember that this was designed to be used in a weightless environment to fight the loss of bone mass and muscle from a lack of gravity. We have gravity here so the use of this device probably is very limited in our context. There are no long term studies on what the effect of the vibrations are on the other systems of the body. I do believe that the vibrations they are recomending are above what the us gov. recomends that one is exposed to in a work environment.

To the post regarding your room mate being a Strength coach for the bulls and a D-1 school that means nothing as there are many idiots running programs for schools throughout the country.

I think a great deal of people are caught up in the idea of some pseudo BS and its ability to revolutionize training.

This will come and go aftermany fools waist there money.

[quote]mejho wrote:
The references to the Russians have no reference to studies and such.

did anyone else notice that when they mentioned russion boxers using the machine they showed a clip from Rocky.

I believe that vibration training might have some definite benefits, however, you have to have the right machine. I know the frequency that it vibrates at is very important.

Also, I don’t think that one is meant to do dynamic movements (such as a squat) on the vibration machine, I believe the protocols outlined by Bosco were isometric holds in a squat position under vibration. The training effect is supposed to be similar to those elicited through plyometrics.

There’s been a lot of discussion about this on the Charlie Francis forums. Anybody interested in actually learning about this might want to check that out.

Personally, I don’t see myself ever seriously investigating it for a while, but it’s interesting to read up on.